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The founders. 

Two Swiss born women with the same passion for colors, Africa, textiles and the urge to transform happiness into products with a shared vision of bringing those attributes across the globe.

We met in Cape Town whilst working together in the same office. We knew from the start that we were soulsisters and meant to walk a path together. Even today, living on two different continents, not a day goes by without speaking to each other.

The beginning. 

We noticed early how the creative energy just flows when we get together. A few business ideas went down the drain in the beginning but when Tiz gifted me with her first handmade handbag on Christmas 2012, I knew this was the dream to follow through.

We started this adventure in 2014 as an experiment and now, a few years later, we are still crazy scared every day to do the right thing but we love what we do and we believe that where you put love in, the outcome must be something good.

The brand. 

YEMOJA imbues the name of the ‘goddess of the ocean’ and the ‘feminine principle of creation’. The aspect of water was harmonic with our dream, to take the vibrant African fabrics and designs from Cape Town across the seas.


YEMOJA is bursting colors.

YEMOJA is instant happiness.

YEMOJA is diving into life to the fullest.

YEMOJA is intertwining cultures and countries throughout the world like our oceans do too. 

We are not our only fans. Thank Goodness.

What others have to say...

The bag I´ve ordered (for my partner) is really beautiful - the colors, the materials used as well as the quality. When I learned about the collaboration with a charity fighting illness in South Africa, this makes the product even more special. In addition, the customer servicer has been fantastic and extremely helpful. If only more businesses could be like Yemoja... I will definitely recommend your shop to my friends who don´t know about it already. 


Pure African-Style that activates your spirit! All products, handbags, skirts or cushion covers feel unique, they are very practical and simply beautiful. The two founders live their passion which one can see in their harmonic pieces. I am looking forward to seeing more from them!


I love my bags from YEMOJA. Impeccable quality & I can use them for leisure or to go out on a date in the evening as well. Very good value for the price. 


My vegan light warrior Tote and my pink drop Pouch are just my favorite go to accessories. Love the colors and I love the designs! Knowing that every bag is hand made plus contributing to a financial help for ill children also feels right. I love Yemoja and I'll definitely check out future collections!